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The devastation brought by the sequential typhoons in the Philippines are enormous and the effect to the people affected is beyond measure. More than the loss of property, lives were lost and families were evacuated in temporary shelters - unable to grasp the reality that their homes are destroyed and they will have to rebuild their lives again with very small glim of hope. From a life of freedom, joy and comfort, now they live in struggle and their survival depends on those who can help them just to go by the day. A nightmare that everyone prays would never happen.

The reality, however, is that this kind of disaster never stops as the Philippines being an archipelago. It is even projected that such calamities are sequential and that we have to braze for more in the coming months and years because of climate change. Hence, if calamities come continuously, helping others and providing assistance for the needy should also be a non-stop endeavour. 

We, therefore, who are richly blessed and endowed with so much grace and success are called upon to rise to the occasion such as this as we are made for this. We are built for this. It is in these moments that our calling is calling us - and that is to provide help. For the real purpose of life is to be useful; to be honorable and to be compassionate. 

We humbly ask you to help us and open your hearts to be a channel of hope and blessing to the victims of distaster thru our ALIVE FOUNDATION. Because together, we can do more, become more and help more people whose lives are destroyed. Whatever amount will surely go a long way and the ripple effect of such a kind act will certainly be immeasurable. 

Empowered Consumerism will double the amount that will be collected from this drive for it's own corporate donation so that we can even help more people. 

Thank you for your kind generosity.

Best Regards,

Drs. Ed & Connie Cabantog


Your donation may be directly deducted from your DTC of choice or kindly get in touch with Ms. Donna Santos at +639178882801 or send an email at or you can contact the Country Manager in your area to facilitate your donation.

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